Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Tuesday's Grace Letter ~ 2

Mundane FaithfulnessAnother two second realization—much like the two second realization that floated through my heart within minutes of meeting my Mr. Right. Thank you Kara for your encouragement to put memories to ink. I knew immediately who I would write a love and appreciation letter to. Please hop over to Kara's words too.

Truly, when Bill and I were introduced to one another, we were students from Hope College attending a weekend Navigator conference in Michigan. The thought floated through my brain I want to marry this guy! Crazy—yes. Prophetic—yes as well. That was May. The following February he accompanied me to my sorority formal (yup, I did the inviting).

It was a year later on Valentine’s weekend that we voiced our commitment to one another.           Romans 15:5 and 6 has been a special scripture in our relationship since. 

Five years (and many stories) later we married. 

fall 2013
To my sweetheart,

Thank you and I love you so much seem inadequate to communicate my heart. You have loved me well. You have walked with me on this journey of life listening, encouraging, believing in me, wiping tears, sharing joys, through our hards always faithful—to God and to me. Tears again, tears of overwhelming joy threaten as I type.

You taught me to love camping. I.was.scared. I remember packing city outfits along on our first camping trip just in case we wanted to escape to civilization for pizza. They were never used. Camping became our family vacation. We never missed a summer. You kept pushing me toward the wilderness. Camping became part of the fabric of our family and the memories punctuate many good conversations.

Hiking in Moab
Parenting with you has been a treat. From your first hesitant walk into the delivery room through the many adventures of two boys to the celebrations we would have never shared if it weren’t for Dave and Jeff, mostly the good rises to the front of my brain. I especially remember the letters you wrote the boys when they graduated from both high school and college. I remember your words to Dave and Hannah when they we married. I remember your words to Jeff when he was ordained to pulpit ministry. Your love and encouragement, your wisdom and hope given to them ministered deeply to me. 

I am honored to walk our Navigator adventure for over 40 years now. “Together with one voice” (from Romans 15:5 and 6) complementing and completing each other has been the tone. There were times I struggled wanting our story to be written differently. There were never times that you did not meet me where I was and gently move me forward. You have changed my story more than anyone because you believe in who God created me to be. Thank you, sweetheart.

The empty nest brings the best of our hearts and our history together. I so look forward to our tomorrows walking with God and walking with each other continuing to do life and make memories together.

I love you!

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