Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Tuesday Grace Letters ~ To our Kids who already have Kids

Mundane Faithfulness

Thank you to my dear friend Kara who is the motivation behind Tuesday Grace Letters.  Please visit her blog Mundane Faithfulness and be blessed by her words.

Dear Dave and Hannah, Jeff and Aubrey,

To all four of you: God graciously answered our prayers when he sent each of you to our family. We are overwhelmed by the goodness all of you contribute to the Tell clan.

Ashlyn and Jack, Dave and Hannah's kids

Helper Jack

Yes, I remember the days you were born Dave and Jeff. You came into a family who love Jesus and were swept away in the love of those around us. You fit well into this ministry family. I love what we learned with you and from you in those days.
Perhaps the most fun years were those junior and senior high years. Band concerts, football game half time shows, and baseball games in Colorado spring snows. What a treat to enter into your worlds and cheer you on. 
We loved the college years and visiting you both in California … and wondering … but trying not to ask … if this one was the one we had prayed for for so many years. The answer was NO. Oh I am so glad for that no and for your sensitivity to the Lord in that very big decision.

Hannah, do you remember the walk in the woods behind our home when you and Dave were dating? You shared about yourself and your family. I cherish that walk. And then I remember going wedding dress shopping with you. What a special gift to this mother of boys.

Naomi is 1
Jeff, the day seems like yesterday when you came home from seminary one spring with your buddy. I was working on laundry in our bedroom when you came in a plopped down in my favorite chair. Your words, “I’ve met a girl.” I knew immediately that this wasn’t just any girl. This was a special girl. This girl was going to change your life.

Hannah and Aubrey, I tear up when I think of you two and the gifts you are not only to our sons but also to our family. We love you!

Naomi and Judah, Jeff and Aubrey's children
And we love the children you have given to our family. Jack, our first born GRAND, his servant heart is remarkable for such a young child. Ashlyn, your love for singing and music brings joy to our family. I’m still praying about wrinkled knees when I pray for you dear one. Judah, your friendliness and your curiosity are wonderful qualities. I pray they may grow and grow. And precious little Naomi Ruth, I love cuddling with you. May you always know how much you are loved by Jesus and by us.

Ahhh, family. We are very blessed. I pray God will allow many years of cheering you on and praying for each of you as you live out who God created each of you to be.

With love,


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  2. Sue, what a beautiful post. I just found your site through Mundane Faithfulness. Your words of love to your children and grandchildren must be so cherished. Reading from the perspective of an grandma reminds me just how quickly my life with little kiddos will pass. Thank you, Erica