Thursday, July 23, 2015

What does it look like to TRUST?

I've mentioned this question before. I ask it often in my special morning conversations. Sometimes, the answer rings from a crystal bell. Other times, I say amen and wonder.

You, my friends, have walked with me through an incredibly hard season. We are still walking. Thank you. Like Moses' friends, Aaron and Hur who held up his hands when the battle was just too long (check Exodus 17:8-13), you too have held me up. You have brought me to Jesus; you have prayed with and for our family; you have wept with me; you have brought much generous practical helps; you have loved well. Our family is overwhelmed.

As I scroll through my words since the beginning of June, I see a theme. God is teaching me what trust looks like; God is teaching me to trust.

There have been times (many times) when I've wanted to help God out. I had a solution. I knew it would please Him. Thankfully the reminders came ... from His mouth or from yours--Sue trust.

And without faith (trust), it is impossible to please him,
Hebrews 11:6, parentheses mine

My (our) trust journey started in earnest for Bill and I in 1999. And Bill has generously shared our story in his recently published book, Lay it Down, Living in the Freedom of the Gospel.
Yes, I'm his wife; yes I'm bragging. 

But more than that, I want you to know about this book. I want you to hear from a different perspective how freedom and trust intersect. I want you to be encouraged. My guess is you'll read it and return to order more for your friends.

You can buy it at your favorite bookstore; order it from Navpress/Tyndale at 855-277-9400 or at this link

And after you have read it, would you consider writing a customer review on Amazon and the Navpress/Tyndale websites?

Several years ago, I first heard this message by John Lynch. It is a key in understanding the difference between pleasing God and trusting God. I hope you'll take a listen.

I'd love to hear your stories! How have you learned to trust? When are you tempted to please? How do you know the difference?

... much more will those who receive the abundance of grace and the free gift of righteousness
 reign in life through the one man Jesus Christ.
Romans 5:17

Ready to party; gramma ready for bed!
Ezra update,  July 27, 2015

Bill and I came home from CHOP last night after spending almost a week with Jeff, Aubrey, Ezra, and their other visitors, a special gift for gramma and grandpa.

Ezra is doing well. His smiles continue to minister encouragement and grace to everyone.

His doctors are working on the right dosage of his meds to control his Hyperinsulinism. When he is stable for three days, they will let him come home. It's getting closer!  

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