Thursday, January 29, 2015

Lack of Trust - A Definition

1. Worry, sleeplessness, nervousness.
2. Prayer turned to beggings and pleadings.
3. When I think that MY solution is THE solution.

Check, check, check.
Guilty, guilty, guilty.

All of the above characterized me in one short weekend. UGH!

Daniel 10 (not normally where I turn when I need my prayer life revived) is where God brought me that Sunday morning. Thank you Mark Bates.

It wasn't that I wasn't praying--I was. I was speaking words to God. I wasn't trusting. I was worried; I was pleading; I knew what the best answer looked like.

I forgot who I was conversing with. Really conversation was really not the descriptor of our interaction that weekend. It was more like, God please listen; something needs to happen and here's my solution; now set my plan in motion ... PLEASE! 

Be still and remember.
I needed to remember God is near, God is wise, God knows, God cares, God is able, God is
trustworthy and much much more. But I wasn't.

Especially I was forgetting how much God loves me. Twice God spoke these words to Daniel,
"O Daniel, man greatly loved," verse 11.
"O man greatly loved," verse 19.

The first pages of my leather journal, my really important journal, are filled with scriptures God has tenderly spoken about His personal love for me. I NEED to review these words LOTS. It is essential; it is critical. It's hard to trust someone you don't believe loves you.

CE Spurgeon says, "the greatest kindness a man can do for me is to pray for me."

Yes, I covet your prayers. And I pray for you too. I'm praying that we would trust God's love.

"Trust in the LORD with all your heart,"
Proverbs 3:5a

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