Thursday, February 5, 2015

Holy Explosions

This new thought ...
   A tad different.
   A tad deeper.
   A tad better.

This tiny tad created a holy explosion erupting in my head.

God is Love!
Like a path gently curving, and turning, and revealing new beauties along the way. New vistas to awe my heart. New truths to grasp, to ponder, to believe. 

Thank you to the True Faced ministry
My first awareness of this path came during my college days--although it started way before then. I heard God whisper, Sue, I love you. Drawn like a magnet, I walked onto His love path. It was good.

Somewhat like the road that leads up to our road, I can't always see what's coming. The gentle up and down of Holmes Road keeps me alert. God's love path is not up and down, but it is curvy, I can't always see around the next bend.

I remember the John 17:23 curve ... God loves me with the SAME love He has for Jesus.
A holy explosion!
I grasp, I ponder, I believe. Still amazing!
John 12:45, when a man looks at me he sees Jesus in me. REALLY??!!
A holy explosion!
Truth, humbling reality, grasp, ponder, believe. Does it get any better?
Then there was the Song of Solomon 7:10 holy explosion and the I Thessalonians 1 holy explosion. The curves are endless each one revealing more and caressing me with more truth.

Then the guest preacher fills our pulpit. He says, when God looks at me, He sees me! Another holy explosion. God created me. God gently molded my clay. God decided on my blue eyes and my brunette hair (at least that's the color it used to be) before mom and dad ever met me. God sees me.

God consecrated me. He planted desire. He saw fruit from my life before I was born. 

As I listened that Sunday morning, the beauty of the picture became a bit clearer. Thank you Drew.

I grasp, I ponder, I believe, I smile. 

And I wonder, what is around the next curve on this holy path. What tad of truth will set off the next holy explosion.
My GRANDS on a snowy path near their Kansas home.

"Oh, the depth of the riches and wisdom and knowledge of God! How unsearchable are his judgments and how inscrutable his ways!" Romans 11:33

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