Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Embrace the Grace ~ Tuesday Grace Letter

Mundane FaithfulnessI wasn’t sure I wanted to link up with Kara this week.

“Dream big, pray big, and anticipate grace this summer.” That was the assignment.

This summer could look different than our dreams and anticipations.

But that pray big phrase admonishes. And am I really anticipating grace this summer? Or am I living in a place of I don’t think it will look like we hoped or planned. 

Henri Nouwen writes in Compassion, “We do not have to go after crosses, but we have to take up the crosses that have been ours all along.”

And therein is the other reason I wasn’t sure I wanted to link up this week. Our family is not battling cancer. My cross seems puny. Does anyone really want to hear?

And then God whispers,
“When they measure themselves by themselves and compare themselves with themselves, they are not wise.” II Corinthians 10:12b NIV

Our cross rests with my husband’s back surgery last Valentine’s Day. He is not healing like we thought. Pain is a daily reality. Walking is slow; bending is very slow; roads with bumps (all of them) are almost intolerable.

And we are campers.
Cabin in Progress

Also we are building a small cabin in the mountains, The Sanctuary. Yes, We. Are. Building it. Our Amish friends put up the shell for us. From the outside it looks finished. On the inside not so. We’ve experienced much fun working together. Bill became an electrician; I’ve learned to use a power saw. That was last summer. Our do-list for this summer loomed big. But we looked forward to the next challenges.
Our summer dreams included making significant progress on our Sanctuary AND taking our pop-up camper on vacation. 

Will those things happen?

The dreams are there. The anticipation of grace was not. Conviction! And where has my prayer life been?

This week, Holy Week, the week leading to Easter reminds of the HARD of Jesus’ reality as He walked toward the cross. Jesus embraced the grace. He walked toward the last supper with his friends; he walked into the betrayal of Judas and the denial of Peter; he walked toward the trial that convicted him; he walked to the cross; all the time embracing the grace of resurrection.

As I walk toward summer, where are my eyes? Where is my heart? Where is my focus? Is it on the disappointment that I think will characterize the summer? Or is it on the God of grace who knows how to redeem even when I can’t see it?
The details of the summer are foggy. God’s presence is reality. I’m turning my focus to God. I want to embrace the grace.
“… My grace is sufficient for you …”                                                                                                                            II Corinthians 12:9

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