Thursday, September 27, 2012

Fragile Energy ~ Top Ten Realities

I am woman; hear me roar. (I’m not sure who to credit that to). I want to do it all—my mantra that informs my decisions. Not good.

The invitation arrived in the afternoon mail. An ornament shower is planned for my friend who lost all her Christmas ornaments in the Waldo Canyon Fire. It starts at 7:00. A few hours later our couple’s group—Splendid Friends—plan our October get together for the same evening. It starts at 6:00. It’s my turn to host. No problem; I will ask our Splendid Friends to move our start time to 5:00 for this month. Time for dinner, and then I’ll take off leaving Bill with the hospitality and the dishes.

I share my plan with Bill. He catches on before me. “It sounds like you want to be two places at once”. Yup, he’s right. One of our sabbatical lessons is we’re not 40 anymore (we’re not even 50 anymore). Our limited energy demands choices. I email our Splendid Friends and ask another to host that evening. Top Ten, #1.

            2. Sometimes piano playing takes priority over counseling a    friend.
            3. My limited energy resources are interconnected. When I’m physically tired, my spiritual life suffers.
            4. I need to know and apply my personal restoration keys.
            5. The need doesn’t equate to the call.
            6. Every good idea does not need to be acted on today.
            7. Sometimes God wants me to sleep. I need the reminders of Psalm 16:7 and Psalm 127:2.
            8. Will I, can I trust God with that situation?
            9. Time and determination is required to slow down enough to listen to God.
            10. Consequences result from unwise choices.

I am sure there are more. What are some of your keys to using your energy resouces?

“Behold, he who keeps Israel will neither slumber nor sleep”.
Psalm 121:4
“The lines have fallen for me in pleasant places …”
Psalm 16:6

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