Thursday, September 20, 2012

Power Sources

Electrician’s helper; go-fer; extra hand; pray-er ~ any of those could have described me last month when Bill was installing the electrical wiring in our cabin. Yea, it passed inspection the first time!

In the midst of unrolling wire—the right way—Bill attempts to explain to me how elecrticity works. I still don’t get it. I’m just thankful that when I turn a switch, a light comes on if our generator is running or the solar system is connected. There is no power plant available for the cabin.

Three energy options: a power plant (not an option for our cabin nestled deep in the forest), a generator, or solar energy. For electricity to function one of these must be operable. Not unlike me; I too have three energy options: my natural physical energy; adrenalin;  and God-power (my personal solar—Son of God—energy).

In my twenties and thirties, my natural physical energy served me well. Those were the years of being a new wife, young mom, and partnering with Bill in a growing campus ministry. Hospitality was a big part of those years. I loved it—still do. Questions about spiritual gifts frustrated me. I was doing a lot of things. Often I fell into bed exhausted, but a sound eight hours met the need and restored my energy.

Adrenalin is a gift from God—an emergency back-up power source. It kicks into action providing additional energy when needed. There is a deadline to be met; or a child needs to go to the emergency room. Suddenly I’m gifted with new energy. After the need is met, adrenalin quickly dissipates and I’m left drained—more tired than before. Like the purpose for adrenalin, our generator is the emergency back-up power source for our cabin. 

I’m learning to depend more and more on my personal solar energy—that which I receive from my relationship with the Son. It’s not about my energy; rather it is His energy flowing through me. The important question is not, How do I bear fruit? It is, How do I stay planted? Ministry is more abiding than activity. “I am the vine; you are the branches…” John 15:5.

The Son of God energy is guaranteed into old age. YEA! “The righteous … still bear fruit in old age;” Psalm 92:12-15. That is how I want to finish my course, bearing fruit even when my hair is silver.

But like the other energy sources, it can be depleted. I ask myself, How do I develop a life-style that is powered by God? What are the necessary components? Do you have some thoughts. I’d love to hear.

I’m learning:
·        All energy sources are limited.
·        All can be zapped.
·        All need to be replenished.
·        All serve good purposes.
·        Only one is guaranteed for life.

My desire is to live within the boundaries of the life-giving energy (the power) God has provided. 

“You make known to me the path of life …”
Psalm 16:ll (bolding mine)



  1. Hi Sue, I like this discussion of yours. It makes me think a bit of people we may be with. Some totally are simpatico with us and we find ourselves uplifted, affirmed and energized. Others can be draining for so many reasons. I wonder if we are like that with God? When we are are malleable and listening his promises and power ring true and other times we may just be just hard of hearing and trudging along a bit tired from life.Rusty wires needing a cleaning or ready for a bit of a burn. What do you think?

  2. Hey Diana ~ Welcome to Echoes of Grace. Yes, I agree ... some friends energize and some drain. My guess is though that God is never drained by our company; He invites it. But on your second thought, I totally agree, listening, really listening makes all the difference. Lets pray for each other that we will not be hard of hearing. Thanks for taking time to comment. Am i following you?