Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Could It Be?

Our kindergarten son experienced bullying at the bus stop. This mom sprang into action. No big kid was going to bully my son. I’m the mom; I can protect.

Our other son ran his truck off the road. Not good; tow truck required. He handled it himself. No mom needed to protect this time. (Co-incidentally, I found out about this incident quite by accident—when the bill arrived from the towing company).

There were other times when our almost grown sons shared their hurts—they wanted the familiar protection of mom and dad.

Now our sons are married; they have kids of their own. Along with their wives, they try to protect those kids. We grandparents stand-by, watch, and pray.

Perhaps God has my attention more than ever before. I am learning deeper levels of trust. I feel more helpless than ever; I have no choice but to be dependent; there are no other options.

Could it be that God has me right where He wants me? Could it be?

“…the Lord is near. Have no anxiety …”
Philippians 4:5 and 6

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