Saturday, October 29, 2011

The Fetters of a Temporary Identity

A PS to Autumn Musings, October 19.

The beautiful golden Aspen leaves of last week now sport a brown hue with small black flecks. Many released their grasp of the branches and now rest on the ground. The few that remain sway precariously in the autumn breezes; they too will soon let go and flutter down.

The lessons continue.

The first …
The green to gold to brown happens quickly. The golden dress of the mature delicate leaves shines brightly, offers much joy, and then relinquishes their color to the crispy brown state in short order. I know this is part of the life-cycle of an Aspen tree; I know this must happen; I miss the small delicate leaves.

The Aspen tree retains its identity as it grows, matures, and lives through its life-cycle, the life-cycle established by God. As I observe, the outside show is different; but the Aspen tree is still an Aspen tree.

The small golden leaves signal mature leaves. To me their life-cycle speeds by and offers a snapshot with an eternal perspective. If I wish for one part of their life-cycle to stay forever, I deny the Aspen their full glory.

Is this not true for me also? If I fetter myself to a temporary identity and wish that it never end, I deny God and myself the opportunity to live out God’s creation of me.

Another lesson …
I count the months of green, gold, and even the brown leaves of the Aspen – it is about six months each year. Huh, that means the time of dormancy is about six months too. Half and half. Aspens need as much time to renew as they do to be in leaf.

I travel often. My friends hear me say, if I am gone for three days, I usually need three days at home to recoup. Half and half. I too need times of dormancy; often equal to the times of travel.

I need to listen to the lessons of the Aspen.

“You refreshed your weary inheritance.”
Psalm 68:9b