Thursday, February 21, 2013


Earlier this week five of us met together to listen for God’s words to us. One of my friends I knew well; the others were newer acquaintances. None of them knew each other. We came together with one desire in common—to hear from God.

After coffee and scones and some initial chit-chat in the kitchen, we congregated in the great room. We surprised each other as we shared bits of our stories at the commonality of our geography and of our experiences. The bond and heart for our new-found sisters began.

Between the five of us we held three different translations of the Bible. We read Psalm 33 aloud from each before scattering to different rooms. We left with a few thought provoking questions, pens, journals, and our Bibles bookmarked to Psalm 33:20-22—all we needed for our personal time with God.

The 45 minutes seemed like five. We re-gathered, satisfied and yet still hungry; a good thing.

We took turns sharing what we heard from God and quietly prayed for each other. Lunch time came and past, our fellowship continued. God met each of us individually at our point of need; we celebrated; we cried (Can women share without a box of Kleenex?); and we cheered each other on in our journeys. It was good to be together.

As I pondered the few hours we spent in each other’s company, I was humbled by the wisdom and love of God in bringing us together. Truly each of us had a part in ministry to the others. Our sharing encompassed all of our conversations; even the chit-chat provided encouragement. Although our lives did not previously intersect, our experiences did intersect; the understanding that allowed was powerful—powerfully good.

There was a quiet contentment when my last friend left. We each heard from God alone and together. We need each other—even the each others we didn’t know all that well. Could it be that God brought us together “for such a time as this”?

“But if we walk in the light, as he is in the light, we have fellowship with one another …”
I John 1:7

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