Thursday, February 14, 2013

A Note to my Soul Sisters

Or, Some Ponderings Prompted by Psalm 16.

Hello to Everyone Else,

The origin of Soul Sisters

It is okay for you to read over their shoulders. Perhaps you too revel in similar friendships.

I am still awed by how God brought us together last fall as we drove to Buena Vista to attend the women’s retreat. Our relationships were all at different places that Friday afternoon. (P and D, weren’t you meeting for the first time?) But the aroma of Christ emanating from each beckoned, and the bond of “Christ in you” came out and secured our friendships. Who would have thought our weekend together would lead to a desire from all of us to walk this journey together? I’m so glad it did.

If we merely voiced our hobbies attempting to build our friendships, I wouldn’t even remember your names. (P, your ability as a seamstress challenges me. If I were to turn my sewing abilities into a business, we would be dining on peanut butter and jelly. J, I love how you love animals and the outdoors. It’s a treat for me to know a horse-whisperer. And your fly fishing—gosh, I never even considered that. D, you are nothing short of amazing. Using your bike for transportation around our busy city is gutsy. And learning Greek and how to shoot a gun? I can’t even imagine.) Just listening to your many-varied pursuits engages my imagination and causes me to consider the creativity and diversity of God.

My mind wandered again to our friendships this week as I meditated on Psalm 16. Verses 5 and 6 brought me back to some of our recent conversations. In the ESV it says, “The LORD is my chosen portion and my cup; you hold my lot. The lines have fallen for me in pleasant places; …”  The Message Bible translates it, “My choice is you, GOD, first and only. And now I find I’m your choice! You set me up with a house and yard…”

Three cautions for us came to mind as I thought about the truth that God holds our lot and His lines for us have fallen in pleasant places:

  1. We must not abuse the sense of safety we have with each other by allowing ourselves the freedom of complaining about our lot.
  2. Because of our mutual hearts for ministry, we can feed each others frustrations.
  3. The tendency to compare or allow jealousy to surface is far too easy. After all, we are four women. 
Then I back-tracked to verse 3. It seemed to be the ointment we needed to avoid those traps. “As for the saints in the land, they are the excellent ones, in whom is all my delight.” ESV, or in The Message, “And these God-chosen lives all around – what splendid friends they make!”

  1. Remember that each of us is a saint, a dearly loved child of God. We must define who we are apart from the various hats we wear.
  2. Encourage each other in our God-given, unique to us pursuits. I want to be one of your best-est cheer-leaders. Sometimes—often—that will come in the form of questions. Please, will you help me to think well with your questions for me?
  3. Let’s pray for each other apart from the times we plan to be together each month. What a gift that would be for all of us. I bet that is happening. J   
Well, my friends, I am so very thankful for each of you. I am honored to be a soul sister with you and to call you, “splendid friend”. What a privilege to journey together.

“Friends love through al kinds of weather,”
Proverbs 17:17, The Message

 [S1]I know there needs to be some kind of transition here. Or perhaps this whole paragraph is unnecessary.

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