Thursday, July 5, 2012

Chosen for The Team

The teams were chosen; the games ready to begin; and there were some very sad players—those who were picked last. I remember well. Every year some of my third graders were never really wanted on the teams. And they knew. My words had little effect on their sadness.

I remember and I understand. In college, I rushed sorority three times—yes, three times—until I received an invitation. I so wanted to be a part and the first two times my desires were dashed. It hurt. My friend’s words were nice but not particularly helpful.

“Each sunrise is a reminder that Jesus brings us out of the darkness and fills our lives with His glorious light”.

I love these words I found in my new Dayspring journal. I do believe them; They are re-stating Scriptural truth. But sometimes my responses to situations in my life do not back up this belief system.

For instance: last month on my birthday I received many cards and messages with very affirming words. I wish I believed them. It’s a dark area for me .Yuck, am I saying my friends are liars? My inability to believe their words is kind of like the feeling of being the last one chosen for the team.

Once again I turn to my Scripture journal, the place where I record the verses I pray for myself and others too. God spoke loud and clear, “you did not choose me; I chose you”. God wants me on His team. I am chosen. I believe truth I hear from God; and God’s words give context to the truths I hear from my friends. The darkness lifts—once again.

I ask myself some questions:
*Am I not immersing myself enough in the truth of
*Is the darkness of my past brighter in my mind than the
  light of my now?
*Is this a good place to be—no pride for sure?
*Will I ever change?
*Did I just stumble onto the next step of growth?

The last question encourages me the most. I want to grow!

“For it is you who light my lamp; the LORD my God lightens my darkness”.
Psalm 18:28

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