Monday, March 5, 2012

A Tribute to Patti

After a seven year hard-fought battle with ovarian cancer, my friend Patti died last week. Up till four days before she stepped into heaven we were texting back and forth. She was asking about me and how I was doing. If I didn’t know she was on home-hospice, I would not have guessed from her kind, up-beat texts.

Those seven years were full with lots of family milestones that she and her family generously shared with their friends. There were graduation parties; a kick-off party as one son embarked on the same career as his dad; we celebrated the weddings of their three sons; we thrilled with the birth of their first GRAND-daughter, Lily Ann. I love this picture of Patti with Lily Ann. I love Patti's smile and the joy she is obviously feeling as she holds Lily Ann. I think all my memories of Patti are with a smile.

But life was not all wonderful for Patti and her family. Besides her cancer, there were other hard circumstances. Patti shared vulnerably as her family walked through these scary valleys. She allowed us to pray for her and the family and walk with them in those days. Family and prayer were both very important to Patti.

Patti had a huge heart for women’s ministry and stayed involved locally and nationally. Her heart to serve came out as she willingly volunteered for lots of the administrative details or was involved in speaking at conferences. She did both with equal enthusaism. Thank you Patti! 

She often ministered by opening their home to others for meals and meetings partnering with her husband Ron. She was just as comfortable with her fellow believing friends and those yet to know Jesus.

She and I supported each other with our home-based businesses. And we were both dog-lovers.

Then there were the times that we shared as I drove her to Denver for her chemotherapy appointments. Those times always included lunch and lots of talking at a favorite restaurant afterwards before the affects of the chemo kicked in.

Patti was gracious in receiving. Many of us helped with meals over the last several years. And other friends helped her in other significant ways—like flying to California to help Patti settle in to the new home when they moved last summer to be closer to their four children.

I remember Patti sharing how the Psalms were ministering to her deeply during those seven years. She knew she was walking in the valley of the shadow of death. It was evident from the peace she always exuded that the LORD was indeed her shepherd.

I miss you Patti, my friend.

“Precious in the sight of the LORD is the death of his saints.”
Psalm 116:15


  1. Until your comment on FB and the sunday conversation, I didn't know she was doing so badly. She fought hard and long and I'm sure was welcomed into heaven with a big celebration. I'm glad she's no longer hurting.

  2. Thanks for the comments abour our brave, sweet friend!