Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Open Eyes, Open Scriptures, Open Mind

Or, The Process of Belief.  I am following Cleopas and is faith journey in Luke 24. I'm on the same road.

What a gift to me that Jesus chose to appear to Cleopas, a yet to be believer, after the resurrection. Cleopas is familiar with Jesus; and he almost believed that Jesus is the Messiah. He definitely wants to believe. "We had hoped ..." Cleopas and his friends hoped that Jesus was the one. They describe him as a prophet and mighty in deed and word before God and all the people. They don't know him personally.

Thank you, Jesus,  for coming to me when I almost believe that you are the answer to my hopes.

Cleopas and his friends are in deep conversation (at first they don't even notice Jesus coming up beside them) reviewing all that happened and their dashed hopes. Jesus joins their conversation and invites them into dialog. Again, all their dashed hopes are rehearsed, this time to Jesus.

I'm there. How often I spend more time reviewing my dashed hopes instead of reviewing the truths of Scripture. Ouch. God, thank you, that you are the author and the fulfiller of hope. Pleases help me to keep my eyes on truth, not circumstances.

Twice Jesus opens the Scriptures to Cleopas and his friends. It seems that open Scriptures do not communicate unless hearts are open as well. The first time Jesus opens the Scriptures nothing is recorded about Cleopas' heart.

As Cleopas and his friend near the home where they were going, they invite Jesus (or whoever this person is who joined their conversation) to stay with them. At dinner Jesus takes the bread, blesses it, breaks it, and gives it to them; the first ah-ha moment. Their memory of other times when Jesus broke bread floods back; their eye are open and they recognize Jesus!

Thank you, Father, for pictures that you give me that helps me to recognize you. Please keep my eyes wide open.

Open Scriptures plus open eyes are good; there needs to be more. Jesus appears to this group a second time. Again he reviews the Scriptures. This time he opens their minds (their hearts) to understand the Scriptures. Life-change happens. Now they are described as full of joy and worshiping. Their dashed hopes evaporate.

Father, please keep my heart open to the truth of your word.

"Then he opened their minds to understand the Scriptures,"
Luke 24:45



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  2. Thanks, Sue. How true..Thanking Him that He opens our heart at just the right time.