Saturday, September 24, 2011

When Life Spins Out of Control

Veni; Vidi; Vici – I came; I saw; I conquered - (Julius Ceasar’s words in 47 BC reporting on his short war with Pharmaces II of Pontus) returns to my memory. Mr. Deeks would be proud of me. J

Jesus’ response to the wars or the storms of life is different from Ceasar. Jesus physical presence is not necessary for him to see. But because he sees, he comes; and when he comes, he conquers.

The story of Jesus sending the disciples across the lake without him is recorded in three of the gospels and encourages me. Jesus stays back to get time by himself in the mountains to pray. I get that. There are times when I want to send all the people away, be by myself and pray. This week is one of those times.

Actually any week when I return home from traveling is one of those times. After being with people, restoration for me is time alone. But sometimes alone times are interrupted by the storms of life. This particular time, Jesus was interrupted by a storm on the lake near where the disciples were. Jesus saw – he didn’t need to be physically present in the boat with the disciples do know about the storm – he saw. He also knew their fears. Jesus came.

Jesus is aware of my storms – this one, an overwhelming sense of helplessness. Jesus sees and he comes in the form of a letter from a friend that arrived while I was gone. Tears come as I read the words that prod me to see God in my current situation. The letter initiated a restorative alone time for me in the midst of my storm.

The gospel story continues. As Jesus walks the three miles across the lake toward the boat with his friends aboard and comes close enough for them to see him – or see something (a ghost perhaps) – they are afraid – BIG time. Knowing their fear, Jesus speaks, Take heart; it is I. Do not be afraid. These reassuring words come in the midst of the storm. The winds cease. Jesus conquers the storm.

Oh how I need those words, Take heart; it is I. Do not be afraid. Jesus is not only aware of my storm; he enters my storm; and he conquers the storm. I do not need to fear. In the quietness of pondering my friend’s words, the storm quiets.

There are still many questions swirling around the now smaller storm. But for now there is peace. Jesus is in the boat with me. He sees; he comes; he conquers.

“The Lord is at hand (near); do not be anxious about anything,”
Philippians 4:5,6 (parentheses mine)

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