Thursday, January 28, 2016

The Gospel Travels

Their plans changed with the diagnosis. She didn't anticipate that 2016 would start with her living a care-giving role for her husband as he recuperates from major surgery.

Another friend drove through the night to be with her friend at the mother's memorial service. It wasn't on her January calendar.

My niece's wedding was on my January calendar. A lovely affair in the hills of Virginia highlighted by so many of our extended family being able to attend. It was a weekend to remember.
So glad this was fake snow.
Three different realities, three similar desires. Would we live those desires being true to the gospel,  out of our friendship with God by trusting him, or would we resort to pleasing?

I know my friends. They are living well in their unexpected realities, their identities firmly anchored in the gospel, in the reality that they are daughters of God. They are trusting God to love through them. Thank you both for leading me by your example.

And I know me. My desire is to live out of my child of God identity and to trust God to love through me, but sometimes my words just don't line up.

I. so. don't. want. to. admit. this ugly! The problem? I've forgotten the gospel. My identity as a child
of God is the truest thing about me. Instead of living in that true, I get caught up trying to please by my efforts. I'm working hard to do something I'm not capable of doing. UGH!

Matthew 3 records the baptism of Jesus. This is the very first time we are aware that Jesus actually hears the audible voice of God, "This is my beloved Son, with whom I am well pleased." Verse 17. Jesus is an adult and his public ministry is about to begin.

I appreciate Lance Witt's reminder in his book, Replenish. God's message to Jesus on the cusp of the next incredible three years is not directional, go to this place; it is not instructional, do this ministry; it is relational, This is my beloved Son.

Jesus' identity was what God affirmed. It is from that identity that the going and the doing would flow.

This is true for me. The gospel teaches that my identity as God's beloved daughter is my rock and my platform. But in the excitement of the moment I forget and I forge ahead with my abilities instead of my trust.

"It is clear to us, friends, that God not only loves you very much 
but also has put his hand on you for something special."
I Thessalonians 1:4, The Message

The gospel travels when I live out of my child of God identity and trust his work in me.

As I ponder these January realities, I realize no matter what the circumstance, in the hards and in the joys, the gospel is the same, our identity is our anchor. In trusting first, pleasing happens.
"And without faith (trust) it is impossible to please him,"
Hebrews 11:6 (parentheses mine)

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