Thursday, March 5, 2015

Spring Break

Hello Friends,

As I'm getting ready for our Sabbath-Living Retreat in just one week, I need to take a two week break from Echoes to concentrate on praying for and the giving attention to the many last minute details an event for 100 ladies requires.

Yes, the retreat is filled, but you can still join us and I hope you will.

Would you please join us in prayer asking God that each women would hear from Him personally during the course of the weekend. My greatest desire is not that we leave remembering the great presenters (yes, we do have wonderful women speaking, leading workshops, and sharing personal testimonies), or that they were awed by the worship music, or the lovely location, but that each one would leave saying they have heard from God!

Thank you!! What a treat to journey with you.

Echoes of Grace will return on March 19.

Blessings and love to you,

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