Thursday, November 7, 2013

True-Blue Self

“But to all who received him, who believed in his name, he gave the power to become children of God” John 1:12.

As a brand new Christian and college sophomore, this is the first scripture that connected with my heart. It communicated my identity—child of God.

The word 'power' also fascinated me. Over and over I thought about the power of a young child.  When the cries for help come, responders respond. As a child of God, when I call, the response of my Father is sure as well. I clearly remember believing (perhaps for the first time) that my prayers were more than words that stopped at the ceiling.

Recently I fell in love with Eugene Petersons rendering of this verse in his Message translation.  “… he made them to be their true selves”. Child of God—my TRUE self. 

I’m discovering the security of believing those words. Becoming a child of God is becoming me. Being me is good. Wondering how others perceive me is melting. It frees from people-pleasing tendencies. It frees from self-absorption. My heart sees though my eyes and I see the real in others. They are important too. I peek behind their veneer and affirm. 

God highlighted this for me at the neighborhood Halloween party (not a costume affair).
I donned nice slacks and my new top; the other hostess was dressed up a bit too. The other guests … with one exception … were comfortably and casually attired. One decked out in a scary affair.

It felt good to be me. I’m glad the others came as they were or in the case of the one had fun with her costume.

I found it easy to inquire about and listen to stories. During a few I inserted my experiences; but I was not compelled to share me. I experienced quiet confidence.
I wondered about the costumed one. Did she feel out of place? I loved looking behind that gross mask and affirming the good that was there.

I left wanting to also affirm the ones who didn’t join in—communicate that we missed them but understood their choices.

I loved being the true-blue me.

What about you? Have you discovered your true-blue self?

"'But whoever did want him,
    who believed he was who he claimed
    and would do what he said,
He made to be their true selves,
    their child-of-God selves'
(The Message, John 1:12) ."

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