Thursday, January 31, 2013

My Personal Cathedral

My Personal Cathedral
            The gift of time and space;
            The beauty of creation,
            An awe-inspiring place.

My Personal Cathedral
            Beckons, come away;
            To be, and soak in quiet,
            To wonder, to ponder, to pray.

My Personal Cathedral
            Where I desire to be;
            To sit at the feet of Jesus,
            And hear His love for me.

In My Personal Cathedral
            I hear the whispers of my God;
            The wisdom of the ages,
            Knowing where my feet will trod.

In My Personal Cathedral
            I love to start my day;
            To sit, to read, to journal,
            To listen, and to pray.

From My Personal Cathedral
            I slowly turn away;
            With renewed peace and comfort,
            To greet the duties of the day,
My Personal Cathedral
            The place from whence my duties start;
            I leave refreshed, encouraged, broken,
            I move from heart to heart.

I wrote this at “The Sanctuary”, our cabin in the mountains; summer 2012.  Sue Tell
"Come, everyone who thirts, come to the waters;"
Isaiah 55:1

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  1. Yes, thanks for the wonderful reminder of how crucial it is to spend those first moments with our God and get refreshed and renewed for each day!