Thursday, January 26, 2012

Mini-Sabbath ~ My Recipe

Aka:  my quiet time; my devotional time.

Sit and Stare; Creation
Solitude and Silence; Coffee
Scripture; Communication

Each s-c pattern describes a piece of my time with God most days. I love the morning time; I’m rested, expectant, and have not gotten involved in other distractions.

Personally I love spending time with God outside—even when I need to bundle up in blankets; but I live in Colorado so even I have my limits. Inside or outside, my view is always toward God’s phenomenal creation and my time starts with stopping—with sitting and staring. That may last five minutes; it may last a half hour. My goal is to quiet myself before God.

Once I’ve quieted the inner me, I need that reinforced in my outer surroundings. Unlike my husband who enjoys soft music in the background as he meets with God, my desire is to hear only the sounds God has created, the chirping of the birds or the wind rustling the leaves. And yes, enjoying a cup of coffee is part of my routine. A mug of steaming coffee often sits between me and a special time I’m sharing with a friend.

Then I open the Scriptures for a time of communicating—listening and talking—with  God. I’ve learned that reading my Bible and listening to God are different. Often I start with significant (for me) Scriptures that I have recorded in my journal. It is good for me to remember and to celebrate what God has said in the past.

Sometimes (not always) I turn to my Bible and read—listen to God—in a new place. I often experience Him reinforcing and deepening those truths that capture my heart. Because I am a good forgetter, I record those times in my journal. Some of those times I share on this blog; some are personal and I keep them between Him and me.

Communication is incomplete without talking, without responding, without praying. My listening fuels my praying; I respond to God based on His words to me. I find my prayers growing and changing based on new understanding of God’s heart for my circumstances and for the people for whom I pray.

These daily times are mini-Sabbaths for me; they are times to stop, to celebrate, and to remember; to listen, to talk, and to record. What a gift friendship with God is!

“When the Spirit of truth comes, he will guide you into all truth…”
John 16:13 (bolded ~ mine)

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