Saturday, November 26, 2011

A Prodigious Thanksgiving Invitation

October 1988. We moved our growing family from the Midwest to California in August – even farther from family. Everything was new; including friends. Everything felt lonely.

Growing up, holidays equated to extended family. Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter facilitated occasions to celebrate together. As a young girl, I loved these days and the family time they represented.

Now we lived far away.

I remember the phone call that October from Donna. We met at church (probably the junior high welcome picnic); we both had kids in junior high – she had girls; I had boys. That constituted all I knew.

Donna invited us for Thanksgiving dinner; in October; a whole month early. Tears streamed down my face; Thanksgiving wouldn’t be lonely. (Although we live across the Rocky Mountains from each other now, that Thanksgiving invitation initiated a friendship that continues today).

Donna’s prodigious invitation started a friendship; it also pictures other surprise invitations that started and deepened friendships.

Twenty years previous, I remember an invitation from God. Sue, I invite you to be my friend. It was the first time I realized Christianity was more than my religion; it meant relationship, friendship with God.

Earlier this fall, I delighted in another invitation – f rom Zephaniah 3:17. My world was spinning and the invitation from that Scripture grounded me, he will quiet you by his love. As I purposefully pondered this invitation and God's love, I experienced my soul quieting; my world coming back into perspective.

Invitations change life; I need to listen well and be thankful for the invitations that come my way.

“… I came that they may have life and have it abundantly”.
John 10:10

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