Saturday, July 16, 2011

The Best Birthday Present

It is a bookmark. But not any bookmark, it is fashioned like a glove and neatly fits over the corner of my page.  I never saw one like it before.  And I am enjoying it a lot.

It’s not just that I’m enjoying a folded piece of paper and the value it offers me; the best part of the gift relates to the giver – my friend.  My new bookmark communicates to me more significant realities – realities that go beyond the gift itself. 

We know each other through church.  I was delighted, surprised, and honored to receive a birthday card from her; and I was even more delighted, surprised, and honored that the gift of the bookmark was tucked inside.  Thank you, my friend.

Time – a very precious commodity – was given to me in that gift.  She used this precious commodity for my benefit.  Both in the making of the bookmark and in the writing and mailing of the card, she invested time.  Thank you again.

Talents and gifts were incorporated in my gift.  Her creative genes shine as she works with the lovely paper to form the bookmark.  Thank you, God, for giving her these talents. 

It was a small gift (it could be mailed in an envelope with a $.44 stamp) that spoke volumes to me.  It challenged me to be more generous with the talents God has given me, especially with my knitting.  I wonder if my friend has a stash of these bookmarks ready to give away.  So often I think of a gift when the need arises; I’m not ready ahead of time.

I’m not even sure if my friend knows that I love to read.  I do; I usually have two or three books going at once.  A bookmark is a very practical gift for me.  I bet God whispered in her ear, Sue would really enjoy a bookmark.  I know she listens to God.

I plan to copy her pattern and make more of these bookmarks.  Thanks for the idea, my friend.

With her gift to me, she is living out who God created her to be and in the process she blessed my socks off!  Isn’t that so often the way it works?!

“His (her) master said to him (her), ‘Well done, good and faithful servant….”
Matthew 25:21

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