Thursday, June 25, 2015

Ponderings in the Fray

UCLA Mattel Children's Hospital
June 21, 2015

It's Sunday morning. I'm enjoying the summer day sitting in one of the hospital gardens as I pen these thoughts. Blue above, green below, large fluttering leaves creating a barrier between me and the concrete. Beyond the trees red blinking lights signal an ambulance passing, but no siren; the aroma of fresh brewed coffee ready at my side, the finishing touch. Ezra sleeps soundly six floors up. Ahhh, quiet. It is good - a moment to fill my cup. I inhale deeply.

I read. I pray. I contemplate familiar truths.

"... you knitted me together in my mothers womb...
I am fearfully and wonderfully made..."
Psalm 139:13,14

Ezra's genetics are part of your loving craftsmanship. Ezra's creation are leading many around the world to new arenas of trust, prayers proliferating.

"Now they were bringing even infants to him ... 
Let the children come to me,"
Luke 18:15-17, ESV

Baby Ez
I don't remember the word "infants" being used (my memory said 'children'). Six month old Ezra, indeed an infant, is being brought to Jesus. Oh the encouragement of one little word!

Ezra won't remember the spring and summer of 2015, but it is leaving an indelible impression on his parents, his grands, and many, many more. Captured in pictures, words, and memories, we will tell him his story.

No, we would never have chosen this path. But we choose to walk with eyes and hearts responding in trust. And the beauty of new vistas are opening. Tears have flowed freely - tears because of pain, but more often tears full of wonder.

I turn back a few pages in Luke's gospel (Luke, the physician), and re-read the account of Jairus' daughter and the widow's son, children Jesus chose to heal. I'm especially stunned by the widow from Nain (recorded in Luke 7). She too has a large community surrounding her. Even in the midst of the big crowd, Jesus sees her and initiates toward her in her pain. Jesus gets it and Jesus comes.Tears of wonder, tears of joy arrive unbidden. The beauty of this new vista overwhelming.

Scripture after scripture come to mind. In the light of my now, I must choose, do I still believe these truths? What do they communicate now in the midst of my current? What do the new vistas reveal to me? My heart quiets.

Barb reminded me of the wisdom of Dr. Bruce Dunn, our pastor in the eighties. He encouraged the congregation to get to know God in times of ease, because in times of hard there will be neither the energy or the time. Yes, that is my experience; I'm relying much on the familiar.

What are you in the midst of? What are you hearing from God? I bet others will be encouraged by your encouragements. I know I will be.

 "For as the heavens are higher than the earth,
so are my ways higher than your ways
and my thoughts than your thoughts."
Isaiah 55:9

Aubrey, Jeff, Ezra, Judah, Naomi


  1. Thinking of you. Praying for you and Ezra and for the family. Sue, God is there for us in our deepest trials in ways we never truly understand. I was so blessed to hear Babbie Mason sing this beautiful song this week. I hope it blesses you and ministers to you.

  2. Thank you, Sally ... my Retired English Teacher friend!
    Perhaps we'll see each other at church tomorrow. Hope so.

  3. Just beautiful. Thank you for ministering to us all, Sue!

    1. Beth, I am just now seeing your comment. I write for you, but I also write for me. I need to remember God's faithfulness in these days.