Thursday, July 18, 2013

Still LIFE

Created by God,
Summer 2012

I wake early in the morning,
            really the middle of the night.
I venture outside our camper;
            the sky flooded with tiny ligthts.

Have I ever seen so many
            of those beautiful far-away stars?
I’m awed; I’m amazed, I’m quieted;
            they invite me to enjoy from afar.

A few hours later again I wake
            the sky a milky white;
I tiptoe from the camper
            to watch the sunrise end the night.

The mountains to the east
            was the ridge over which it climbed.
My front row seat was perfect:
            unobstructed, undisturbed, sublime.

As the sun climbed higher and higher,
            I sat rooted in my chair.
I am awed by the stillness around me
            not a sound from the trees, the birds, the air.

In this forest filled with pine trees
            not a needle moved or stirred.
The critters must still be sleeping.
            No breeze to ruffle my hair.

I listened to the quiet,
            the quiet stillness of the day.
I knew one thing for certain,
            God was inviting me to play.

To play, to walk, to wonder;
            to enjoy all that He has made.
To trust His goodness for me
            whether in sunshine or in shade. 

As morning grew to noon time,
            God’s picture grew as well.
I enjoyed a squirrel chorus,
            and gentle breezes tickling the pines.

The wind picked up its fury,
            pine needles snowed upon the ground.
I watched in quiet amazement
            at the new picture all around.

As day turned into evening
            yet another picture began to form.
Once again the breezes quieted.
            The stillness is profound.

The southwest sky is glorious
            The clouds seem glued in place.
The colors of the sunset,
            a bountiful gift of God’s good grace.

I enjoyed; I soaked; I wondered
            at this many faceted gem.
The glorious picture God created
            would be repeated again and again.

Sue Tell
Summer 2012

“The heavens declare the glory of God, and the sky above proclaims his handiwork.
Day to day pours out speech, and night to night reveals knowledge.”
Psalm 19:1 and 2

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