Sunday, May 8, 2011

Once a Mom ~ Always a Mom

I don’t ever remember a time I didn’t want to be a mom.  Thank you to my mom who enjoyed being a mom; I had a wonderful example before me.

To Mom, family dinners were important.  Mom not only made a balanced meal each night, she set the table (till me and my sisters were old enough to help) each night in a way that communicated this time with family was important.  The table always looked nice.

To Mom, our activities were important.  Mom not only made sure we got to the activities we were enrolled in, but she often was involved in them herself.  I remember her watching and silently encouraging me as I tried out for the Color-guard in high school.  And Mom was always involved in Scouts with us either leading our troop or helping with our projects.  And I’m quite sure Mom and Dad sacrificed financially so we could have some of those important childhood experiences like summer camp.

To Mom, school was important.  Mom helped and encouraged us with our homework.  She always made sure our clothes were ironed and we looked nice as we left for the bus in the morning.  Even though Mom was a teacher by training, she knew school was more than reading, writing and arithmetic.

To Mom, the local church was important.  Mom planted the seeds of faith in my life by bringing me to church, Sunday school and youth group.

To Mom, our friends were important.  Mom brought us up to know how to be a friend and how to communicate with our friends.

To Mom, vacation was important.  Every summer she got the whole family ready for our two week vacation with Grammie and Grandpa.  A highlight of the year for all of us.

To Mom, our home was important.  Being a homemaker was part of who she was and it was a priority for her.  To this day, keeping her home guest ready is important to her.

To Mom, traditions were important.  We always had home-made Halloween costumes, Christmas stockings and Easter baskets.  Traditions were not only about things, they were about family and celebrating together. There were a lot of extended family dinners throughout the year often including our second cousins as well as the first cousins.  I have many good memories as a result.  (This was one of my hardest adjustments to marriage as Bill and I had very different experiences with family holidays growing up.)

On February 24, 1976, I became a mom and Mom was there to help me adjust to this new precious life that had joined our family.  Thank you, Mom.

With Mom’s coaching, encouragement and love over the next several years, I also learned that “once a mom, always a mom”.  Mom never stopped wanting to support me in my motherhood journey. 

Mom is a very young ninety-something now.  Both our sons are married and have children of their own.  Mom is now a GREAT-Grandma.  Last December we received a letter from Mom early in the month suggesting how much money we should spend on Christmas.  I smiled, “once a mom, always a mom”! 

I love being a mom and a gramma ~ Mana to our grands ~ I can't help it, it's in my genes!  :)
Mom on the left visiting her older sister, my Aunt Elizabeth a few weeks ago.

“Honor your father and your mother”
Exodus 20:12 and Matthew 19:19

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  1. Love this! I thank the Lord for you and for your mama.