Monday, February 28, 2011

How to Pray, Listening for God ~ Prayer Lesson #5

Jackson, our first GRANDchild is almost 5 years old.  My prayer life took on a new dimension when Jackson was born. 

I started asking God what He would like me to pray for Jackson.  Sure there were obvious things that I knew I would pray for him.  From before he was born I started praying that early on he would know his identity as the beloved child of God.  And years before a friend had told me that she always prayed that it would be easy for their grandchildren to love God.  I liked that and I added that to my prayer list.  And I asked other friends what they prayed for their grandchildren. 

But my prayer life for Jackson really came alive when I asked God what He would like me to pray for Jackson.  I don’t remember ever doing that before.  Immediately God led me to II Timothy 1:5,6.  I started praying that Jackson would develop a sincere faith like his mother and grandmothers and that he would fan into flame the gifts that God had given him.

As Jackson started growing, and the pictures started rolling in, I began to see a theme in the pictures.  Jackson is a wonder-er.  What a wonderful quality.  And my prayer life for him began to include that Jackson would never loose that quality of wondering. 

Then another theme emerged.  Jackson is a helper.  Many children say, “I want to help”.  But it seems to be a real strength for Jackson.  So that quality was added to my prayer list for him.

When Ashlyn and Judah were born, I asked God the same thing, what should I be praying for these precious GRANDchildren? 

Now, asking God that question has become a regular part of my prayer life beyond my prayers for our GRANDchildren.  How do you want me to pray, Lord?” or “What do you want me to trust you with in this situation, God?” have become normal parts of my prayer life.  Usually God leads me to a specific Scripture, like the II Timothy passage.  Sometimes, He impresses on me a quality, like wonder-er.  But He has never failed to answer my question.

I feel like my prayers are in tune with the heart of God.  Yikes, I just thought of something I’ve been praying about that I have not asked God my question!  God is faithful.  I will ask.

That doesn't mean that God always says yes to my petitions.  But it does help my understanding and perspective when the answers come.

“Ask, and it will be given to you; …”  Matthew 7:7a

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  1. I love this, Sue. I love your humility and boldness in prayer. What a beautiful picture of the intimacy we can have with Jesus. Thank you for sharing!