Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Live INside the Box

Although I had been involved in ministry with The Navigators since my college days, I was propelled onto Navstaff by my marriage in 1972. Suddenly I felt other eyes upon me, I sensed expectations. I began to look around me for role models to see what my ministry should look like. From my observations I felt I was not measuring up. It was not a good feeling.

For the next 25 years I continued that destructive pattern. I saw what others were doing and what I was not doing. Somehow I never arrived at the destination where I thought I was supposed to be. I was hurting.

Sure, there were some “successes” along the way. I could introduce you to my friends who had become believers and many seemed to appreciate the Bible studies I facilitated. But in my mind, I knew there was more. The problem was I was looking for the more in all the wrong places. I journeyed from frustration and discouragement to anger to finally giving up. I literally decided, “I will grin and bear it”. That was 1997.

In the darkness of that place, the light of Scripture began to penetrate my heart and my mind. Truth gradually began to replace the lies I was so good at believing. Something was changing.

Sitting in a coffee shop one morning, I heard the voice of God whisper this truth in my ear, “Sue, you don’t need to create ministry. Live out of who I created you to be. Live INside the box I have created for you”. It was as if God was saying, don’t look to others look to me, trust me. I almost wept with relief! That began a new journey.

Jeremiah 1:5 – “… before you were born, I consecrated you”
Philippians 1:22 – “If I am to go on living in this body, it will mean fruitful labor for me …”


  1. awesom blog, Sue... looking forward to the coming thoughts....echoes...reflections. Hugs.

  2. yay. way to go Sue. Love Julie

  3. This is a great start for your blog, Sue. I can't wait to hear more. Susan Gras

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  5. Thanks for sharing, Sue ~ I love who God created you to be! And I am so thankful whenever I get to hear you share your heart :0)

  6. What a beautiful blog, Sue! We are all on a learning curve with the computer but it wonderfully opens many doors. I love what you shared...I think you will be a catalyst of learning about the rhythms of grace for many of us. Jackie O.

  7. I loved going back and reading this blog! Thank you for your wisdom. I love this!