Thursday, October 24, 2013

My Friend Kara

I invited Kara to share her story on my blog. I am honored that she said yes. Please read on...

First a brief word from me ...
I don't remember exactly how Kara and I got to be friends. But she and Jason opened their home to us last summer when we were evacuated because of the Black Forest fire. What a tremendous gift. Our friendship grew from there.
Like me Kara is a blogger. I have so appreciated how she is walking through her difficult, terrible, horrible journey with her friends through her blog. A blog is a unique place to build community. And I hope by putting her story on my blog, that many more of you will join "Team Tippetts" through your prayers.
The rest are Kara's words.

These pictures were all taken by Jen Lints ~ another of Kara's special friends.

 Last year, after returning to my home after being evacuated because of the Waldo Canyon Fire in Colorado, I found a lump in my breast. That is really where my blogging life began in earnest. I’m a 37 year old mama with four young children and one excellent husband facing the challenge of my life.
Diagnosed with stage two breast cancer, I immediately entered chemo.
I’m highly extroverted, and cancer limited my community. So I started to share the story of my heart through blogging. The heartbreak, the pain, and the grace that always showed up in abundance were my content, my heart, my life that I was happy to share on Mundane Faithfulness.
hair pic
Months of chemo, a double mastectomy, and radiation, and I celebrated the end of my journey.
I ran away with my family, spent the summer soaking up my family and my community, and partnered with my husband as we are planting a church on the Westside of Colorado Springs. I had one final step in my journey. Four weeks ago I met with a gifted surgeon to consult about removing my ovaries and my precious womb. It was going to be my final step in this journey. Upon examination tumors were found. Devastated is too small a word to describe what we felt. 
Two short weeks later, I found myself in surgery for a radical hysterectomy. They found the worst, in a few short months breast cancer had taken over my ovaries and my uterus. I’m now facing stage four metastatic cancer. There is no stage five. 
This month as I shop at the grocery store, watch football or enter any establishment all things have turned pink. I love the awareness it all brings, but I long to put a face to the battle. I share the story God has written for our family as honestly as possible. 
I long for three things in sharing my story: 1. To glorify God. 2. To encourage mamas and women to be proactive about their health. 3. And finally, to give a glimpse to the world how grace shows up in the midst of suffering. I often say suffering is not the absence of good. If you are called to a story similar to mine, grace will be present. Knowing Jesus is the greatest gift of my life. Through that lens of knowing a recklessly loving God, I have seen my extreme neediness as my greatest strength I could ever share with another.



  1. This is beautiful! Thank you Kara and Sue.

  2. Beautiful story of grace and strength in times of extreme hardship!

  3. Yes, grace and strength ... great descriptors.